Regular and continuous security training

Night & Day Security Company regularly organizes security training courses at the Executive Office (No. 7, Street 7, KP5, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City). 

On the morning of 01/07/2023, Night & Day Security Company held an intensive security training session before implementing the new target – An Co Binh Duong Co., Ltd.

security training1. Security training skills at each position in An Co Factory

An Co Binh Duong Co., Ltd. is located in Quarter 1B, An Phu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province. The company specializes in manufacturing various products related to indoor, garden, outdoor decoration, in addition to materials such as: stoneware, ceramics, fiber cement, fiberglass, galvanized steel, decorative pots, garden furniture, vases,… Through the survey, Night & Day Security Protection has designed a specialized protection plan at An Co Binh Duong factory to ensure absolute security and safety for customers.

Specifically, including security operations such as: 

  • Work instructions at each location: Main gate, auxiliary gate, warehouse, patrol.
  • Process for controlling workers, visitors and contractors entering and leaving the factory
  • Process of controlling vehicles entering and leaving the factory
  • Cargo inspection process
  • Alarm software management.
  • The process of patrolling the areas, the process of handling fire and explosion.
  • Manners and specifications of greeting correct commands.

security training

In particular, the patrol position in addition to the main job also has the task of needing to support other positions when necessary (overloading goods, vehicles entering and leaving, having problems, ..) during work. Security training aims to train security guards to be able to be sensitive and good judgment of problems as well as solutions to handle situations quickly. From there, protection can avoid situations as well as risks occurring at the target. 

security training

In addition to the in-depth security operations at the target, company officials also ask many work-related discussion questions to answer as well as provide handling measures for the security guards.

 2. Training on fire protection equipment skills 

As one of the necessary security training contents, the prevention as well as proficiency in the proper use of fire protection powder and CO2 cylinders to promptly use when emergencies occur minimize property damage to customers.

How to distinguish between powder and CO2 cylinders:

  • Powder bottle: With pressure gauge, with small nozzle, normally effective fire extinguishing for fires caused by solids, liquid gases,… especially fires derived from gasoline. However, powder cylinders should not be used where there are many machines and equipment because it will easily damage them (but in the absence of CO2 tanks, they can still be used)
  • CO2 cylinders: Have nozzles that gradually grow and are often used for fires in enclosed rooms and electronic devices,…

security trainingIn addition to training in the use of fire protection equipment, professional staff also shared experiences and some notes when using equipment so that the use is more effective, accurate and fast, without wasting time as well as harming the protection themselves.

3. The quality assurance of security services creates value for Night & Day Security 

Night & Day Security Company has 20 years of experience (2003 – 2023) in the field of professional and prestigious security. In particular, the security training skills for employees before implementing goals is always focused by the company. The company regularly organizes training security sessions and professional retraining with many contents closely following the reality at the target, building a team of professional security guards

security training

Security guards not only require experience, professional security training, professional skills, but also appearance, professional style, working attitude to ensure the best security, thereby contributing to building a strong image, professional for customers.

By this action, Night & Day Security  always affirms its brand reputation to stand firmly in the market, gaining a certain advantage in the industry, providing professional security services at home and abroad, including major customers such as: TTI, Pepsico, Nestlé, Mercedes Benz, Jabil, Sheico, Ajinomoto…

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