High-Quality Security Service – NDS PRO is designed or tailor-made at the requirements and expectations of each client in order not only to meet core matters of ensuring security, safety of people and assets for the client but also to help the client satisfy strict requirements of its business partners, especially for the client having problems complying strictly to treaties (ILO, TPP,..), laws (Labor Code, Insurance,…), international standards (WRAP, CTPAT, SEDEX, EICC,…), security guard standards (Appearance: Strong & Tall. Education: High school or higher. Security Skills: Basically and intensively trained. Language: English for Communication,…), where its business operates or as a member.  

High-Quality Security Service – NDS PRO follows the standards below:

Wrap Standard about production

Sedex about supplier ethnical data exchange

C-TPAT about customs-trade partnership against terrorism

EICC about Electronic Industry Citizenship Coaliation

And NDS PRO has been trusting and using by the following typical clients:

Nestle Client Suntory Pepsico Client

ON Semiconductor client

Jabil client


For more information, please click the link below >>> or contact 0909725781 for consultation!

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