Fire drills at VIETSUN LOGISTIC Nghe An

On the morning of March 7, 2023, Nhat Viet Nghe An Logistics Joint Stock Company and the Night & Day Security Co., LTD  force coordinated with the Fire and Rescue Police to organize a fire prevention and rescue drill at the target of protection. This is an activity to improve responsibility and use proficiently and effectively fire fighting tools and means on site.

Fire drills at VIETSUN LOGISTIC Nghe An security guard

In the event of a fire, the degree of damage to human life and property is inevitable. Therefore, fire prevention is indispensable for the work of Night & Day security guards at this target.

Fire drills at VIETSUN LOGISTIC Nghe An

At the rehearsal, logistics staff and Night & Day security staff were learned about the causes of fires and explosions, the severity of each type of fire as well as the skills needed to escape. danger when encountering fire from the guidance of fire protection police officers. In addition, the staff participating in the rehearsal were introduced and instructed on how to use fire extinguishers properly, quickly and achieve the highest efficiency.

security guards of Fire drills

Immediately after the theoretical introduction, all logistics and security staff will be trained to practice specific fire fighting situations such as medical first aid, how to escape in case of fire and explosion… and many specific situations. other.

With the hypothetical situation posed as: The electrical cabinet system has a problem leading to a short circuit, causing fire and explosion at the company’s main warehouse. At the time of the fire, many employees and workers were working, the panic situation jostled to flee when the fire alarm sounded.

As soon as there is a fire order, immediately alert the whole company and mobilize the fire fighting force, escape, save people and property and direct the escape according to the exit route of the warehouse. At the same time, the security guard Night & Day force immediately informed the 114 fire fighting switchboard, receiving notice that the firefighting forces had arrived at the scene. Coordinating with local authorities and Night & Day security protection to organize fire fighting on the spot, and at the same time find a rescue plan.

diễn tập PCCC

After about 30 minutes of fire fighting by the firefighting and rescue forces, the fire was completely extinguished, no one was injured, and property damage was minimized. After the rehearsal, the units also conducted a preliminary meeting to evaluate the fire prevention and fighting activities.

Firefighting training and drills at Day & Night Security Company

Fire protection work is a concern of investors, companies hiring logistics factories and even local authorities in order to well implement the law on fire prevention and fighting. In addition, for everyone to improve their sense of responsibility and voluntarily participate in fire prevention and fighting work; take responsibility for the management and comprehensive inspection of fire prevention and fighting and rescue work within the scope of their management, strengthen the reinforcement of fire fighting forces and means, and ensure funding for fire prevention and fighting work.

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Night & Day security has regularly organized rehearsals to build and consolidate on-site fire prevention and fighting plans, proactively have plans to handle fire and explosion situations at facilities, locations, and public units. you on duty.

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