Security guards successfully prevent property theft at factory in Binh Duong

On January 18, Wipro’s Night & Day security Team demonstrated its professionalism in protecting the company’s security and assets, when it successfully prevented a collusive theft of workers. This action is not only recognized, but also received praise from customers through letters of praise.

Successful prevention of theft

Specifically, Wipro Company sent a letter of commendation to the Night & Day security guard at the target. In the letter, Wipro not only expressed its deep gratitude to the security team for its quick and professional response in apprehending the thief, but also appreciated the proactive and effective security team, especially in maintaining security and ensuring the safety of both employees and company property.

This compliment is not only an honor for the Night & Day security Team, but also a source of encouragement for the entire Wipro staff. The professionalism, agility and teamwork of the security team are important factors contributing to building and maintaining a positive image of Wipro in the eyes of customers and partners.

Successful prevention of theft

With the spirit of high vigilance, quick reaction at work, Night & Day security has shown its role in security, order, asset safety for customers, building trust with customers, contributing to creating more brand value Night & Day security in the professional security service market.

Successful prevention of theft

Night & Day security with nearly 20 years of experience in providing leading professional security services in Vietnam. Night & Day security with more than 7,000 employees working at 30 branches and representative offices, providing professional security services throughout industrial parks nationwide. Regardless of the working position, Night & Day security creates beautiful impressions in the hearts of customers with the image of “STRONG ACTION – KEEP THE FAITH”.

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