Training on “Security and Order” and “Use of Support Tools” at Objectives

In the context of security and order becoming increasingly complex and diverse, it is extremely important to strengthen and raise awareness and skills of security forces at each target. 

On March 15, 2024, Night & Day security held a training session on Security and Order and Use of Support Tools at an electronic component factory for more than 60 security guards on duty here. The training session equipped specialized security guards with practical knowledge and experience in ensuring security and order at the workplace. From there, proactively grasp and control the situation well, handle well when encountering outstanding issues related to the ongoing security and order situation.

Security and order

The training session has 2 main contents as follows:

  • Security and Order: Identify risks and provide solutions to prevent incidents that cause insecurity and order in the workplace.
  • Use of Support Tools and Equipment: Introduces and guides the use of assistive tools and equipment to enhance effectiveness in protection work.

Security and order

1. Security and order at “M”

At this seminar, Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam (Professional Officer) conveyed about the necessity, purpose and meaning of ensuring security and order at the target. From there, raising awareness and preventing early and remotely the risks of insecurity and order. Above all, the thematic content offers many specific situations that security guards may encounter in the process of working, making the topic easier to remember and easier to apply knowledge in practice.

Security and order

In addition, Night & Day security guards are also retrained in communication skills, handling emergency situations and related professional knowledge to ensure that customers feel secure and confident when using security services. 

2. Use of Tools and Assistive Equipment

Following the Security and Order seminar is a training seminar on how to use tools and support equipment such as electric batons, sticks, plastic bullet guns,… to deal with emergency and dangerous situations at the target.

Security and order

In the context of risky situations that can occur at any time, a clear understanding of protective tools and tools is not only essential but also mandatory for security guards. 

Mr. Nguyen Hung Huy (P.TG Night & Day Security Service Limited) outlined the characteristics and uses of tools, assistive tools and how to use them? Under what circumstances? to avoid causing injury to users as well as limit and prevent people who violate the law from fighting back and fleeing. In addition, Đ/c Huy also warned about the risk of injury to users and those around them if used improperly.

Security and order

Through the training, the security guards at the target were fully equipped with knowledge about security and order, how to use tools and support tools during the performance of tasks and some other contents according to the practical requirements of the target to be protected.

Night & Day Security Service Co., Ltd. has shown its commitment in maintaining security and order at factories and production facilities. The organization of training sessions on security skills is not only to improve the skills of security guards but also a clear demonstration of the commitment that Night & Day Security brings to customers. We hope that through these efforts, we will make the goal safer and can contribute more positively to the sustainable development of our customers.

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