Night & Day Security is committed to serving customers with the highest sense of responsibility

Today, customer service in the new era is more and more focused and developed. The security industry is the same, for some specific models, the security profession not only focuses on ensuring safety and security for the target but also especially focuses on caring and serving customers. 

This can be easily seen in areas of activity such as malls, restaurants, hotels, international hospitals and other public services. Here, Night & Day Security always ensures to create a safe and comfortable environment for customers, contributing to bringing a positive experience and sympathetic view to the management unit – who are trusting to use the professional security services of Night & Day. 

Customer service

Protection of Tam Anh International Hospital 

In the sweltering sun, Night & Day Security Guards with their signature white shirts are always present full of professionalism and dedicated to guiding customers to where they need to go.


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At Tam Anh International Hospital and VNVC vaccination centers, the image of security guards of Night & Day Security is always an indispensable part of every customer service scene. They are not only the people behind the security wall, but also the ones who are dedicated to caring and supporting customers.

They are always available immediately to assist pregnant mothers, the elderly and frail, as well as patients in need of special care, guiding and assisting visitors in moving and waiting as gently and thoughtfully as possible.

Customer service

“Customer-centric” is an indispensable element in efforts to improve the quality of security services. 

By respecting and putting customers’ interests first, Protect Day & Night is committed to serving customers with the highest sense of responsibility.

Hospital protection

In public places such as malls, airports, or medical service units such as hospitals and vaccination centers, security guards are often the ones that customers turn to for questions, especially to find their way to the area they need.

Therefore, security guards must always know the terrain and map of the area to be ready to provide information, guide the way and solve security issues quickly and effectively. The appearance of each security guard helps customers feel more welcome and secure. 

Hospital protection

Night & Day Security Company is constantly striving to improve the quality of security services every day. We hope that through these efforts, we will make the goal safer and can contribute more positively to the sustainable development of our customers.

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