Corporate culture promotes performance and employee engagement

Ensuring targeted security and safety is a top priority in protection. Especially during holidays and Tet, Tet work often faces many difficulties, the risk of theft and break-in easily occurs when employees bring subjective psychology and neglect at work.

For many consecutive years, Night & Day Security Company has always been ensured to maintain the security and order situation, property safety and fire prevention through holidays and Tet, which is evaluated by customers as a professional and reliable security service.

Corporate culture

All of the above achievements are thanks to effective quality control policies along with corporate culture, which have had a positive impact on the working environment, labor productivity, employee engagement, thereby creating the reputation of Night & Day Security.  

Corporate culture

The corporate culture of “One Night & Day” with specific actions to take care of the lives of employees on duty has been applied by the Captains in many different ways in accordance with the actual situation of each Team.

  •  Captain Nguyen Van Thao BD01 with a force size of nearly 100 employees organized scientific work arrangements, set up a logistics team divided into 2 groups to alternately support each other to always ensure food and food for the whole team on Tet days.

Corporate culture

  •  Captain Cao Van On ĐN04 has close attention to each employee, regularly visits and knows each person’s situation to arrange reasonable shifts, allocate time for brothers to visit their families during Tet while still ensuring full shifts, ensuring target safety.

Corporate culture

  •  Captain Huynh Van Quí SG08, in addition to the Company’s Tet regime, always comes to the place to give money to each employee, besides always ensuring food for Tet staff (Tet time in Ho Chi Minh City is difficult to find places to buy food and deliver food).

Corporate culture

  •  Captain To Thanh Cuong NB04 prepares at least 1 box of noodles and 1 box of coffee for each target, along with a reasonable rotational allocation of shifts, ensuring the spiritual life of each employee.

Corporate culture

Although small actions, they have great significance in motivating and strengthening the spirit and responsibility when working of employees, thereby building a strong corporate culture, creating a solidarity organization and professional security services trusted by many customers. 

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