The fixed targets or fixed security sites include: Office security, building security, factory security, supermarket security, commercial center security, bank security, hotel, school security, hospital security, villa security, construction site security, port security, depot security,…
Protection and Security in Nestle Group
Based on the geographical location, the practical situation of business-manufacture activities, and the requirements of each customer, Night & Day Security will design the specific security plan for each security position and work arrangement for security guards.

The general requirement of Night&Day Security is to ensure security and safety for all activities and smooth transactions of customers. All acts of causing disorder, stealing and destroying assets will be detected, stopped, and solved promptly. Where necessary, all the security measures in accordance with Vietnam laws will be applied strictly.
All the guards of Night&Day Security must be polite, endeavor, strengthen to supervise and cover the whole situation in performance of tasks; stop any illegal trespass to cause disorder, steal and destroy assets, or threaten the lives of staffs working within the security area; also check, control people, vehicles, goods, materials brought in or out the security area; and detect, prevent  fire – explosion in time to solve right away, then inform to competent authorities for co-ordination in timely settlement.
Night&Day Security ensures safety in full 24h per day, 07 days per week, 365 days per year, 03 eight-hour shifts per day, regardless of holidays under the labour law, and supports free of charge of insurance of all kinds, squad supervisor, mobile team, quality control team,…

For more information and best price, please contact the hotline: 0906 937 276 or our consultants closest to your location.

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