With the orientation of strongly developing the high-end segment to meet the strict requirements of many customers, Night & Day  Security Company has organized a training session to improve management capacity for management staff on 09/04/2024 at the company’s main executive office. 


High professionalism, out-of-the-box thinking are 2 core factors determining the development of the management staff at Night & Day, promoting the building of forces playing a central role and leading, creating a positive, dynamic and effective working environment. Accordingly, the Tao Cao seminar has given the following content orientations:

  • Improve the skills of monitoring and evaluating the performance of security guards at the target.
  • Promote training skills, motivate security guards.
  • Efficient workflows for managers


In addition, in recent times, the training sessions of Night & Day Security Company have encouraged multi-dimensional interaction methods, questioning each officer, forcing each officer to give comments and constructive. From there, the staff can learn from each other’s experiences, finally come up with a reasonable application to each model that managers are performing the task of protecting. 

professional training

With training that innovates methodologies but stays abreast of the problem, Night & Day Security managers can become leaders in dealing with today’s complex security challenges. A deep understanding of expertise (high professionalism), good management skills (out-of-the-box thinking), along with effective guidance and motivation (central role), has helped create a strong and potential management force.

professional training

The development and training of management staff not only brings immediate value but also creates stability and sustainability for Night & Day Security Company together with every customer. With unremitting commitment and efforts, we are confident to provide a secure and safe environment for everyone.

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