The Customer has the right to liquidate the contract in the following cases:

  • Night & Day Security Service does not comply with its contractual commitments, or causes direct or indirect damage to customers.
  • In case the Customer wants to terminate the contract ahead of time, it will notify the Company in writing at least 15 days in advance at the address and fax number in the contract.
  • Due to force majeure causes beyond the subjective will of both parties such as war, institutional upheaval, one of the two parties having their operating license revoked or going bankrupt, extremely serious natural disasters affecting each other. directly affects either party.
  • Contract liquidation and refund procedures are carried out in accordance with the Law.
In case the cause and compensation responsibility is determined to be that of the security force. The Company will only be liable to compensate the Customer for loss or damage only if the following conditions are met.
  1. The Customer provides the Company with all documents related to loss or damage to the Customer’s or Customer’s employee’s property (in the case of Customer’s employee’s property, documents must be provided). proof sheet). Those documents are legal accounting documents according to Vietnamese government regulations and are included in the Customer’s financial and accounting system in Vietnam.
  2. Determination of loss and damage must be made in writing by both parties agreeing on the level of compensation for both parties, or an official conclusion from the police investigation agency at the district level or higher. or the final judgment of the Vietnamese Court.


Scope of service provision of Night & Day: Throughout the territory of the Socialist Republic of VIETNAM There are 02 forms of contract signing:
  • Customers sign the contract directly at the office of DAY & NIGHT SECURITY COMPANY LIMITED, No. 7, Street 7, KP5, Ward An Phu, City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City
  • The Company will send experts to the customer’s location to sign the contract (depending on the case of delivery) directly to the Customer’s designated address or have the goods delivered through professional shipping and forwarding services.
  • Shipping fees will be agreed upon by the Company with the Customer for each order.