Deploying professional security services for Tan Da Court Shopping Center

On the morning of 01/07/2023, Night & Day Security will deploy professional security services for Tan Da Court Shopping Center located at 86 Tan Da, Ward 11, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.

I. Prestige and professional shopping mall security services

Objectives Tan Da Court Building is located on the façade road, in a busy urban area, this is a location with convenient intersections to move to neighboring districts and provinces. Tan Da Court Building has a modern style design and is fully equipped with the facilities of an office. Tan Da Court Shopping Mall has 2 basements and 25 floors, providing more than 20,000m2 of office space for lease for business activities.

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Commercial centers are often crowded places, many floors, the number of people entering and leaving freely, is difficult to control despite the installation of security cameras. This place is easily noticed by bad actors, mixed in with theft, vandalism, disruptive affecting the working process of businesses renting offices here as well as prone to fire and explosion. Therefore, every shopping mall needs a professional security guard, not only ensuring the safety of the building 24/7, helping to answer customers’ questions but also ensuring fire safety for the building.

With a team of security guards selected according to strict standards of health, qualifications and professionalism to be able to best meet customers, Tan Da Court building has put all its trust in Night & Day Security Company as a partner providing professional security services.

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II. Training before implementing the target of Tan Da Court shopping mall

Before implementing the target, Night & Day Security Company organized an in-depth security training session, specifically the positions at Tan Da Court Trade Center, the content closely followed the reality at the target, specifically:

1. Professional training at security positions

After conducting the survey, Night & Day Security Company has planned a specific security services. Security guards are divided into different positions, but must work closely together to ensure security and safety for all areas in the building.

Important notes for mall security service personnel:

  • Main gate location: Security services staff in this position need to have good communication skills, cheerful, polite, gentle attitude, always actively help and support building employees or visitors to the shopping mall.
  • Patrol position: Patrol security services personnel should pay attention to remind those who do not comply with building regulations. Ensure regular and continuous patrols to promptly detect and prevent suspicious objects.
  • Freight forwarding position at the warehouse of the shopping mall: Security services staff in this area must clearly and specifically record the delivery invoices of all products. In particular, strictly control regulations prohibiting smoking in warehouse areas as well as during the delivery of products.

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2. Training skills in using fire protection equipment

Fire protection is one of the indispensable training contents in the protection profession, fire prevention as well as proficiency in the use of fire extinguishing equipment such as powder cylinders and CO2 properly will help protect timely handling in emergency cases and minimize damage to property at the target. In particular, office buildings often have closed rooms and many electronic devices, so priority is given to using fire extinguishing equipment which is CO2 cylinders.

In addition to training on the use and how to distinguish fire fighting equipment, professional staff also shared experiences when using fire extinguishing equipment and some notes when using it to protect from injuring people around and personally.

The training and training of security skills for security service personnel is always focused by the Night & Day Security Company, helping the security guard have the ability to handle sensitively and well judge bad situations that occur, and at the same time have solutions to handle situations quickly, effective. In addition to in-depth security operations at the target shopping mall, the company’s professional staff also offers hypothetical situations when customers come to the shopping mall but lose their items or have problems that need security service staff to solve to improve the ability to handle situations for the most effective security staff.

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