WIPRO RUN event protection

Night & Day Security provided Spirit of Wipro Run event protection services, ensuring security and order for more than 1,000 Wipro Vietnam Group employees, October 8, 2023, at Vsip 1 Industrial Park, Binh Duong. 

event protection

1. Wipro Run Event Protection – Night & Day Security

Wipro Run is a traditional sports activity organized annually by Wipro Group around the world, with the purpose of creating interpersonal bonds, igniting the passion and enthusiasm of each individual. In addition, the Wipro Run event is also community-oriented, raising funds for charity to make “Every step is a dream” of orphaned children come true.

With experience in event protection for many races as well as large and small sporting events nationwide, ensuring the safety of all participants, not being jostled, pushed, disorderly, as well as not causing traffic jams, Night & Day Security is proud to be a reliable partner providing security services for the event Wipro Run. 

event protection

With many years of experience in the field of event protection and security, we are committed to providing a safe, organized and flexible environment where everyone can enjoy the event to the fullest. Here are the things that we brought to the event a success and good: 

  • Professional event security staff: Night & Day Security has assembled a team of highly qualified security guards, thoroughly trained in protection techniques and handling emergency situations.
  • Comprehensive security management: We will organize and manage comprehensive security for the event, ensuring the security control, access control and thorough supervision to prevent any possible problems.
  • Effective coordination with authorities: We will work closely with local authorities, including police and fire forces, to ensure absolute security and stability for the event.
  • Emergency Response Plan: Night & Day Security has carefully prepared an emergency response and evacuation plan, ensuring that all situations will be handled quickly and efficiently.

event protection

We are dedicated and ready to ensure the safety and success of the Wipro Run event in Binh Duong. Night & Day Security considers it a responsibility and honor, providing participants with a safe and enjoyable sports experience.

event protection

2. Wipro Unza in Vietnam

Wipro Unza Vietnam is a Wipro group company, specializing in manufacturing and distributing high quality personal and home care products in Vietnam market.

The products that Wipro Unza Vietnam is currently providing are researched and developed in accordance with the people and climate in Vietnam, bringing a sense of nobility and elegance to users thanks to the charming perfume from France and outstanding features and uses.

The high quality products that Wipro Unza Vietnam is providing include: Enchanteur, Izzi, Eversoft, Bio-Essence, Romano, Gervenne, MaxKleen, Carrie Junior.

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