What Businesses Benefit from when Security Guards are Equipped with Firefighting Skills?

One of the most important skills of professional security is firefighting. This is one of the skills that all Night & Day Security Guards are equipped with.


Firefighting training at security site

Why must Night & Day security guards be equipped with fire protection skills?

This is one of the required skills in the training process applied to all Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD security guards. This gives security guards adequate knowledge to perform tasks at security sites, thereby, along with other professional skills, to ensure safety in the area where security services are provided.

During work, each security guard regularly checks electrical equipment and updates the status of the fire protection system at the protected place. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that firefighting tools and means are working properly and are effective in emergencies.

Firefighting skills training at NDS security sites

Firefighting skills in Night & Day Security Guards

At the training courses, Night & Day security guards are equipped with fire protection skills such as, but not limited to: identifying and using into fire protection vehicles and equipment, determining the cause and analyze the spread of the fire, method of coordination with on-site fire fighting forces, first aid, contacting the nearest fire protection unit, protecting the scene and property from thieves taking advantage of the chaos to steal, noting the necessary information. After the fire is finished, Night & Day must arrange guards to strictly protect the area waiting for the authorities to come. 

NDS guards practicing fire hose reel

What do businesses benefit from when security guards are equipped with firefighting skills?

When security guards detect a fire, they must determine where the fire started, the exchange of air in the fire (wind direction), and the disposition of flammable substances to a safe place.

In addition, the firefighting force must follow the command of the commander. This is the basis for determining the direction to handle the fire, based on situations so that security guards can stop the fire quickly, save the victims (if any), avoid human damage and property for businesses.

The fact that security guards stopping a fire from spreading to areas with flammable substances will avoid great danger. At the same time, preventing the fire from spreading to the adjacent buildings or houses and avoiding the possibility of leading to a large fire are also key moves to help businesses. In addition, guards promptly prevent the fire from spreading to areas with many important documents and high-value goods to avoid damage to the business.

Fire protection is one of the important operations that every professional security company needs to train its employees. Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD with almost 20 years of experience in applying professional training programs is a place for domestic and international companies to place complete trust in. 



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