Trap “High salary security jobs” – Job seekers should know

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic resulted in millions of workers losing their jobs. When the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces gradually stabilizes, this is a good time for laborers to find jobs. How to find reliable places to apply for jobs without falling into the trap of high-salary jobs?

Night Day Security Company regularly recruit security guards

The heat of “high salary security jobs”

Compared to many other industries, finding a job as a security guard is now quite easy because the recruitment policy has many advantages. However, this is also a loophole for employers to take advantage of, even trick job applicants with attractive offers, promising high salaries, just need an ID card or CCCD card to go to work… At present, on the google search platform, entering the keyword “high salary security guard” gives 106 million related results within 0.57 seconds, which shows that the recruitment of security personnel is hot. – A reputable job search website

Trends of professional security

Finding out why recruiting security guards are so attractive today, we see that when businesses stabilize production, the number of security guards also increases. According to the HR departments, employees tend to choose professional security as their official profession instead of choosing another profession. The proof is that when the epidemic broke out, a series of businesses closed, and workers had to leave their jobs without pay, the security guards still had jobs and stable incomes. If comparing the income between security guards and workers in other industries, the income is equivalent, but for security guards, they can receive many other advantages besides salary such as free accommodation, gas support depending on the target, free 1 or 2 meals when on duty at the target. At Night & Day Security, Security guards are paid two times, paid on time, so security guards can easily take the initiative in their lives.

Signs of breaking the law

Evidence of signs of breaking the law

Signs of breaking the law

However, a worrying fact is that many companies recruit security guards who use the phrase “Night & Day Security”, causing brand confusion for security job seekers. There are cases in which the customer is also confused with another company by deliberately assigning the phrase Night & Day Security. Not only taking advantage of “Night & Day Security”, but security service companies also use a section on their official website using the phrase “Scam Night & Day Security Company”. In this way, that company has published a series of articles about identifying fraud security service companies, this shows that they intentionally used the above phrase, to smear the brand reputation of Night & Day Security. On the other hand, that security service company took advantage of the phrase “Scam Night & Day Security Company” to attract many people’s attention, not only did it mislead the legitimate business security company (here, Night & Day Security), which the company itself has shown signs of deceiving employees and customers.

Regardless of the intention, it is easy for people to realize that this is an unethical action, weak incapacity, which leads to unfair competition, slanders businesses in the same industry. This action is unethical, dishonest, and violates the law./.

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