The role of professional security in businesses


Night & Day Security is a professional security service provider for most industries, plays an important role in the development of the community. NDS directly creates jobs for a large number of laborers, helping them to have stable incomes, contributing to increasing the value of life.

Reporters went to some targets of Night & Day Security in Binh Duong, discussed with some guards working here to find out the role of security guards in the real situation. Despite having an appointment by phone in advance, it took nearly twenty minutes for Guard Captain Nguyen Van Thao (BD1 Team) to have time to meet reporters at Gemadept. Through the story, Mr. Thao said that with the responsibility of a captain, he often came to check the protection targets, in which Gemadept is one of the major protection targets assigned by the company’s leaders. Gemadept is a logistics port with a large area and many valuable assets. Professional security forces are arranged to work with a large number of troops, divided into many shifts at important security positions.


Before meeting Mr. Thao, we had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Lam, Ms. Nga, Ms. Luu and some other professional security guards, all with confident, polite, cheerful and friendly attitude. make a good impression on others. “Night & Day Security guards here are united, work with a high sense of responsibility and have been through professional security training courses, this is one of our strengths that is highly appreciated by customers” – Mr. Thao shared.


Through the introduction of Mr Thao, we learned that Mr. Tan Van Lam has worked for nearly 5 years at Gemadept, is currently directly supporting captain to monitor the target. Ms. Tran Thi Nga has worked at NDS since 2016. Ms. Nga has been assigned to work in different security positions, so she has gained a lot of experience that meets the requirements of a professional security lead singer. “Ms. Nga is very good at security professional, has a good relationship with colleagues, behaves properly with workers and other partners, is loved and trusted by everyone” – Captain Nguyen Van Thao commented.

Ms. Phan Thi Luu, a security guard with a pretty face, has worked at Night & Day Security since 2017. Ms. Luu is considered as a security guard who has made many positive contributions to Night & Day Security, especially in personnel recruitment. In addition to her main expertise, Ms. Luu also assists in recruiting security guards as well as recruiting workers for clients where she is working.

Security inspection is always guaranteed

With well-trained expertise and professionalism, the Night & Day professional security force has contributed to maintaining security stability for warehouses, factories, and corporate headquarters. This is not only beneficial to customers but also supports local security forces, making a significant contribution to stabilizing security and maintaining social order. Moreover, Night & Day Security Company has created jobs for a large number of laborers with stable incomes, contribute to increase the value of life.

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