The mission of security guards at each target

As scheduled with the team captain of the SG08 – Huynh Van Qui, we had the opportunity to visit some targets – meet security guards who are on duty at each wok position. Their images have made different markings, but they have one thing in common, Night & Day Security are nice and friendly at every work position.

Security guard Pham Nguyen Linh (SG8) at the goal of protecting Rivera

The Rivera Building was the first defense target we came, the most modern commercial apartment in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Here Night & Day Security provides professional security inside and outside the building. We had a meeting with security guards Nguyen Van Nhi, Pham Van Linh in the parking garage. They said that the number of vehicles entering the parking lot is very crowded, most of them are building staff and visitors. At work, they often interact with different customers, they determine to always maintain a cheerful attitude, ready to assist customers who have trouble parking. Security guard Nguyen Van Nhi said: Missions in the basement are not as comfortable as on the ground, because the pollute air, dust affect health. Therefore, the team captain regularly encouraged  the security guards, the colleagues in team are constanly changing shifts to make them more productive. Despite of those difficuties, once the mission is determined, the security guards always complete the mission in the best way.

Security guard Nguyen Van Nhi (Team SG08)

Goodbye to the professional security guards at the Rivera Building, we went to VNVC District 10 and met two gate guards – Pham Tuan, Nguyen Quang Tu. There are many customers coming to VNVC, most of them are parents with small children.  Moving with babies and carrying stubborn objects is quite difficult, the distance from the main road to the reception is also quite far, these things make it difficult for mothers, so the security guards take the initiative to pick up, take umbrella and support carrying bag for customers. That polite attitude made a good impression on VNVC, VNVC always choose Night  & Day Security as the security partner in the whole system. Besides, the parents who brought their children to the vaccine center were also impressed by the Night & Day Security guards.

Security guard Nguyen Quang Tu (Team SG08) at VNVC

At Nam A Bank, we met the leader security guards Nguyen Buu Van, at the end of the work time in the morning, althought the number of transactions is small, this is a sensitive time in banking activities. That is why the conservation between us and the leader who has more than 15 years working as a professional security guards was continuously interrupted. Mr Van said, with the mission of the protecting the bank, his security team not only performs the working process of the security guards but also must have good observation and judgment to prevent possible incidents. Besides, they also take the role of a remote receptionist, receive the customer’s requets, support to arrange customer’s vehicles to help them have succesfull finance transactions. This also shows the true value of the professional security force of Night & Day Security, which has been built for a long time by the company of more than 6,000 people in the whole system.

Head guard (left) at the target of Nam A Bank

Wherever it is, Night & Day Security is easily recognized by our distinctive features that cannot be confused with other brands in the security services industry. That is the dedication at work, the friendly attitude of the security guards who are well trained in the professional security environment.  The theme  “Building a beautiful and friendly image of a bodyguard” is a movement that has a great effect on the whole system of Night & Day Security Company.

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