Professional Security Training in hight quality at Night & Day Security

On March 29th, 2021, at Night & Day Security Company – No.7,  Street 7, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City,  “Professional Security Department” of NDS organized a speacial training session for nearly 40 security guards.

The professional training curriculum includes:

1. Courtesy – Regulation, Rules of Communication: The security guards are the ones who meet the customers first, so they have to ensure uniforms, good style of work, good customer communication, friendly, well-behaved.

2. Fire safety training: Some fire prevention measures at the target. How to distinguish, learn about the structure of each type of fire extinguisher, how to use each type of fire extinguisher.

3. First aid training: Recognizing victim situations and the first aid way while waiting for the professional emergency force 114.

4. Instroducing book templates, reporting skill – how to make a report of the incident.

5. Professional Security Training at the target: Methods of checking goods, inventorying, how to control workers, customers, contractor entering the factory, … Product specification and how to arrange the goods according to the maximum number of layers.

With these knowledge and skills, nearly 40 Night & Day Security guards have completed the test and ready to take on a new mission, ensure security and safety for customers.

Service quality assurance creates value for Night & Day Security Company.

Nowadays, many security companies were establised, most of them are racing into numbers such as recruiting security guards to go to work immediately, receiving jobs without training, resulting bad service quality, affecting the safety of the customers in particular and professional security image in general.

To that realities, professional, experienced and reputable security companies like Night & Day security company are really outstanding. From the beginning, NDS always defines “Service quality is the number 1 priority”, so NDS pays attention to all activities to ensure service quality, regularly training program is one of them.

With a system of 26 offices-branches, security force of more than 6,000 employees, Night & Day Security confidently provides high quality security services to many customers, especially multinational corporations like Abbott Company. At Abbott Viet Nam, security guards are required not only in terms of biography, profession, skills but also in appearance, manners, working attitude, in order to bring the best safety to the target, and “building a beautiful and friendly image of a bodyguard” in the customer’s eyes.

Abbott is a milk brand belonging to the American company – ABBOTT NUTRITION, specializes in providing nutritional products for the children and the elderly. As a global corporation with over 100 years of experience in the international market, that is why Abbott is particularly interested in the safety and security.

With nearly 20 years of experience in providing factory security services, with a selected, trained professional security guards, Night & Day Security has a mobile team, the head shift who have checked regularly, ensure timely response to all situations, bring the best quality of services to customers.

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