Professional Security Guard Services for Resorts in Vietnam

With nearly 20 years of experience in providing professional security services, Night & Day Security is the safe and reliable choice of every customer across the country.

Night & Day Security at Lavender Dalat resort

On January 15th, 2022, Night & Day Security deployed a professional security service for Lavender Dalat resort, belonging to the segment of protecting high-end resorts. In addition to the task of ensuring security in the area, Night & Day Security forces are well-trained in behavioral culture, communication skills and working in public environments such as: Tourist guide; handling situations where people and children get lost; reasonable coordination of means of entry and exit to avoid traffic jams; experience in handling crowd jostling, theft, pickpocketing, property destruction; handling unexpected incidents within the area, …

Why should you hire a company that provides security services for resorts?

Every day, the resorts receive a lot of visitors to visit and relax, especially on weekends and holidays, so there are many potential risks that can happen such as:

* Loss of fire safety

* People who disrupt security

* Thieves, destroying property

* Intruders for marketing, sales, advertising

All of these cause direct damage to the resort, create a bad image and lose credibility for customers who come to visit and rest.

Professional Security Guard Services for Resorts in Vietnam 

Benefits of hiring a security company for your business

In order to minimize potential risks of unsafety and security at resorts, Night & Day Security has set up a specialized protection plan for the protection segment of resorts:

* Protect assets of investors, employees and resort guests.

* Maintain and ensure security of tourist areas and resorts.

* Applying security service quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015

* Control people & vehicles in and out reasonably.

* Handling unexpected incidents satisfactorily: Fire, explosion, accident, disorderly conduct, …

* Implement management and security plans from the Resort Management Board and from the Operations Department of the Company.

* Reasonable competitive service fees from popular to high-end.

* In particular, building the image of “Beautiful & friendly bodyguard” in the eyes of customers.

With a professional and scientific protection plan and a team of high-quality security guards, we are committed to providing our customers with good, reputable and professional security services.




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