Night & Day security organizes training on management using support tools

Training and training in management and use of support tools for nearly 200 Night & Day security guards, trained and supervised by the Police Department in charge of social order administration.

Support toolsNight & Day security Company is proud to be one of the professional security companies directly managed by the Police Department of Administrative Management of Social Order and granted qualified licenses for security and order and training of security guards. Previously, the training department of Night & Day security Company organized training sessions on professional contents, using tools and support tools for security guards.

Support toolsThe Law on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Support Tools officially took effect on July 1, 2018. Along with current guiding documents, this is an important legal basis for the operation of Day & Night Guards, requiring security guards to accurately grasp and update promptly to serve the process of using weapons and support tools as well as in the management of these special vehicles according to regulations; definition of law.

Support toolsAfter the training ended, the entire Night & Day security guard force, consisting of 200 personnel, had to take a test. This test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions related to support tools, to ensure that you understand the processes used to be able to issue certificates and certificates for the management of weapons, military explosives, as well as support tools. The certificates and certificates are issued by the Police Department for the Administrative Management of Social Order.

Support toolsOrganizing the security professional test is an activity that the management of Night & Day security Company pays special attention to and regularly organizes. This activity aims to standardize the professional competence, sense of responsibility and sense of security guards. Since then, constantly improve the quality of professional security services that Night & Day Security provides. The company’s service quality standards have received high appreciation from customers and are trusted to choose to use.

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