Night & Day Security’s Brand Identity and Uniform Meaning

With 26 branches and representative offices across Vietnam and the peaceful blue uniform, Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD (NDS) has established a “Nice and friendly” image of over 6,000 security guards, who customers have placed their trust in for almost 20 years. 

NDS Security Guard in the Greeting Position
NDS Security Guard in the Greeting Position

All members of NDS are proud of the uniform they wear and recognize the responsibility they hold when representing the company. The pride each member holds when wearing NDS uniform is shown through their courtesy, friendliness, and considerable acts when interacting with customers. The solidarity and standards of NDS uniform are recognizable and trusted by customers. 

At any security site where NDS guards, customers see the professionalism exhibiting not only through NDS’s security guards’ manner but also so through their uniform. All NDS Security guards across Vietnam believe that their uniforms are unique, professional, and recognizable. NDS uniforms are not only appropriate and satisfy the requirements of businesses, but are also comfortable and polished for security guards. This also complies with the provisions of Decree 96/2016NĐ-CP dated January 7, 2016, of the Government regulating the businesses of the professional security services industry. 

NDS Security Guard at the Security Site
NDS Security Guard at the Security Site

It is believed that uniforms are a strong, invisible power; enterprises with strong brand identities can be easily recognized and vice versa, easily recognized enterprises can easily have strong brand identities. NDS Board Members believe that having a well-designed uniform for security guards is the most effective and convincing investment in sustainably developing the company. Instead of spending billions of VND on TV commercials, investing in branding and bringing pride in the uniform of each security guard is the economic plan of Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD. 

Female NDS Security Guard Representing the
Female NDS Security Guard Representing the “Nice & Friendly” Image

Over 6,000 NDS employees nationwide at any security site immediately and excitedly identify their “family members” with familiar colors and logo. Across the entire Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD system, it is evident that every security guard is proud to wear his or her signature blue uniform with the majestic eagle logo. This is how NDS guards leave an impressive professional mark in the eyes of NDS’s clients. 

It is the style and colors of NDS uniforms that have helped thousands of customers and businesses on the S-shaped land confident and comfortable in developing a partnership with NDS for professional security guards service. The two primary colors, blue and gold, of Night & Day security guards create a good impression for the image of “Safe day and night” and become a source of internal strength to sustain the development of Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD. 



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