Night & Day Security Professional Deployment at Saroma Villa – Sala City District 2

On August 1, 2020, Night & Day Security Guards deployed professional security services at the Saroma Luxury Villa – Sala City District 2.

NDS Saroma Villa Guards Deployment
Night & Day Security Saroma Villa Guards Deployment

At 7:00 p.m. on August 1, 2020, Night & Day Security Guards were at Saroma Villa, preparing to hand over the inventory and property. Saroma Villa is the most luxurious urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, so the managing unit there reviewed the NDS security force from experience to professional knowledge as well as setting out situations and checking the behavior of each guard. It’s a success for NDS that our guards successfully passed and ready to accept the task.

With the process of providing professional security services, from the beginning, the professional department of Night & Day Security Guards conducted a security plan suitable to the target situation at the Saroma Villa, including unfinished (rudimentary) villas that are being constructed with assets of great value. NDS’s staff conducted a review of each villa and strictly tally the number of assets to ensure professional security and safety.

Night & Day Security Guards Checking the Property and Assets
Night & Day Security Guards Checking the Property and Assets at Saroma Villa

For the high-end villa model, security guards must be more vigilant than ever because the property is of very high value. Security Guard’s professional skills involve dealing with the residents, hence guards must be smooth and flexible. Therefore, it cannot be taken lightly and it is necessary to have a force of experienced security guards to closely manage and coordinate together to ensure absolute safety for residents and the customer.

Saroma Villa – Sala City District 2 

Saroma Villa is a separate ecological villa located in the architectural complex of Sala City. It is a valuable and classy living area in the Thu Thiem, District 2 new urban area. The total area that Dai Quang Minh investor dedicates to building Sala Saroma Villa is 15.54 ha, with 117 semi-detached and detached villas with area from 332 m2 – 1079 m2, including 1 basement and 3 floors.

Night & Day Security Force at Saroma Villa
Night & Day Security Force at Saroma Villa

With nearly 20 years of experience in providing professional security services across the country, NDS’s professional security force is selected and well trained before receiving the task.  The mobile force and shift head check regularly, ensure timely response to all situations, bring the best quality of service to customers, ensure good completion of assigned tasks and safety of assets for customers, and ensure quality assurance for urban area protection. 

With the reputation and quality of good security service, NDS is always appreciated in the field of professional security guards services by a lot of domestic and foreign enterprises, from factory models, buildings, from the company to the model of banks, apartments, villas: Nestle, Pepsico, Manulife, Toyota, Ajinomoto, Vietcombank, South Asia Bank, Vincom, Vinpro +, Cho Lon Electronic Supermarket, Rivera Homes Apartment Building, CADIVI, and etc..

NDS Security Guard guarding a villa at Saroma Villa, Sala City
NDS Security Guard guarding a villa at Saroma Villa, Sala City

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