Night & Day Security participates in fire drill at IPC Building

This morning, October 6, 2023, IPC Building Night & Day Security, in collaboration with on-site fire protection forces and District 7 Fire and Rescue Police, held a large-scale fire drill at IPC Building, 1489 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phong, District 7.

fire drill

In recent times, there have been many consecutive building fires that have burned down. According to data from the police department of fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue in September, 198 fires occurred nationwide, of which the majority were caused by electrical equipment system failures and fire safety violations in the process of using heat sources, source of fire.

Just a little neglect and lack of awareness of people can lead to unpredictable consequences, if, each person has vigilance and awareness of complying with fire safety regulations will minimize the risk of fire and explosion.

fire drill

fire drill

This fire drill took place according to the script and was synchronously coordinated between fire protection forces, Night & Day Security guards, building staff,… first aid and movement of injured victims at the building. According to the content of the scenario that has been coordinated by Night & Day Security, the situation of the fire occurred at 03 points in different areas, with levels from easy to difficult and using fire extinguishing items such as powder fire extinguishers, water spray guns and CO2 bubbles…

fire drill

The rehearsal took place professionally, fully following the prepared procedures. The arrangement and manipulation of fire extinguishing vehicles, as well as compliance with procedures, take place competently and promptly to control the fire quickly based on the actual situation. The management of IPC building highly appreciated the professionalism and high sense of responsibility of the entire force participating in this fire drill.

fire drill

Night & Day Security has conducted many fire protection drills at targets, which customers always put their trust in the professional Night & Day Security force, always upholding vigilance, proactively warning security, fire safety at the target.

Night & Day Security Company regularly organizes training courses for employees to learn about the law and knowledge of fire protection, determine their responsibilities and obligations in work, thereby firmly grasping the basic knowledge of fire protection, not allowing fires and explosions to occur, and minimize damage to people and property when incidents occur at protected targets.

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