Vietnam security: Three years, a duration of a branch is not long but it has showed “a level of the trademark” as the remark of a customer of the branch.

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Located at a place very convenient for transport by road, by river and by train, Dong Nai possesses a specially important and strategical position to develop the economy of the whole country. With the total 30 industrial parks or more and thousands of factories, companies working in this area, it creates a vivid panorama potential to development for this major economic area.  
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Situated at Bien Hoa City, Night&Day Security – Dong Nai Branch which has its head office at No.38, Quarter 4, Dong Khoi Street, Tan Hiep Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province is the leading security service provider at Dong Nai Province.
Establised on 22nd Sep., 2009 with the small beginning quantity of 24 personnel, Dong Nai Branch has now got approximately more than 500 persons, twentyfold to the beginning quantity. Appreciated highly on professionalism and security skills by customers, 100% security guards of the branch is basically trained of security skills and granted the certificate of professional guard by the ministry of public security.
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At present, Night&Day Security – Dong Nai branch is providing the high quality security service for over 30 cusomers, in which there are some big customers with strict requirements of security to mention such as 03 factories of Nestlé, Suzuki Latex Vietnam, Dong Il Engineering, Big C, Green Feed,…
At the talk with the reporter of Night&Day Bulletin, “In addition to a strict implementation of stipulations of security service business laws, the branch also carries out the company regulations in full and builds up a staff good at professional skills, beautifull and friendly in communication with customers, especially raises the value of morals and personality of security guards, upgrades Night&Day Security brand, ensures safety of human and assets for customers, contributes to stability of social public security at security targets” says Mr Nguyen Van Ha – Branch Director.
Also, according to Mr Ha, to meet the needs of customers best, the branch orients itself to train and develop its staff in order to obtain the Certificate of SEDEX Standard of Switzerland at resquest of Nestlé.
Monthly, thank-you letters from customers are continuously sent to Dong Nai Branch as an evidence for the value of Night&Day Security brand, in which there is a wholehearted and responsible contribution of Night&Day Security Dong Nai. It affirms that the staff of Dong Nai Branch determine to attach to their work and highly appreciate the job honour, right as the remarks of Director of Operation of a supermart in Dong Nai: “Night&Day Security guards are working at our supermart, they works with the heart of security industry, the enthusiasm like a family and professionalism showing a level of the trademark of reputation and quality”.
Three years, a duration of a branch is not long but it has showed “a level of the trademark” as the remark of a customer of the branch. We believe that Night&Day Security – Dong Nai Branch will harvest big successes on the sound basis that they have built.
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