Night & Day Security Company proactively adapts to the “New Normal”

Since the Government issued resolution “128/NQ-CP”, which stipulates safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic, the security teams of Night & Day Security have performed well on epidemic prevention, maintenance of security services and target safety, proactively adapting to the “New Normal”.

Professional Night Day Security in Binh Duong

Professional Night & Day Security in Binh Duong

Job at the target is started by measuring body temperature and disinfecting hands when employees and workers enter the factory. The Night & Day Security guards coordinate with the management to publish the phone numbers of medical staff, company leaders and the local Covid Prevention Steering Committee to promptly contact when there is a suspected case of Covid- 19.

Captain Tran Van Thiet professional discussion with security guards

Captain Tran Van Thiet professional discussion with security guards

Mr Tran Van Thiet – BD7 Captain who in charge of protecting the branch of Nippon Express Vietnam Joint Venture Company Limited (Song Than 2 Industrial Park, Di An, Binh Duong), said: Before the complicated development of the epidemic, customers organized 3 on-site implementation, epidemic prevention measures must be absolutely safe to operate safely. To ensure target safety, Captain Tran Van Thiet and Night & Day Security staff directly support customers and local epidemic prevention members, organize epidemic prevention and control measures according to regulations such as: Periodically rapid testing, complying with 5K measures, and at the same time, the Captain regularly exchanges information with the leaders of the Night & Day Security Company and customers, promptly grasp situations to have the next treatment plan.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang at  TOA paint

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang at  TOA paint

At TOA Vietnam Paint Co., Ltd (Tan Dong Hiep A Industrial Park, Di An, Binh Duong), Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang, who in charge of the target said: Night & Day Security is is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of the factory 24/7. In order to adapt to the “New Normal” when the factory resumes operations, the company’s employees and workers, partners, transport units must strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control, medical declaration for all cases. Drivers are required to comply with the rapid test, loading and unloading workers at the yard are divided into groups with separate dining areas in case of positive cases. “Night & Day Security ensures control of goods entering and leaving the company in accordance with the process set out by the customer” – Mr Quang said.

Night & Day Security guard at  TOA paint

Mr. Ly Hoang Dong – Security Team Leader at Consumer Care Vietnam Wipro Company (VSIP1, Binh Duong) said: The most impressive thing is that during the epidemic period during a strong outbreak, the Day & Night Security staff proactively asked the customer to set up a makeshift tent for the workers to carry out 3 on the spot, they ate together, shared, encouraged workers to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic together. “Customers have been very appreciative of what we have done and treat us like family. Only then will I know human love, how precious life is” – Mr Dong said. It is known that Wipro is a customer with strict conditions on security services, had many other changes in security services before officially choosing Night & Day security as a long-term partner for professional security services.

Night Day Security staff proactively erected and dismantled the field tent at the target

Night & Day Security staff proactively erected and dismantled the field tent at the target

The image of Night & Day security guards has really made a beautiful mark not only during the difficult times of the pandemic but also remained forever on the Safe – Professional – Dynamic style of each security guard at the places where Night & Day Security provides professional security services.

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