Night & Day Security Applies Industry 4.0 in Business Management 2023

Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD, with nearly 20 years of providing reputable professional security services in the Vietnamese market, is a successful pioneer in applying Industry 4.0 in its business management. 

Training on Business Management Software
Training on Business Management Software

“Industrial Revolution 4.0” is based on digital technology and integrated intelligent technology, connecting things to optimize processes, production methods, scientific technology, automation, and business management… Accordingly, in the process of operating a professional security system in the country, together with the application of the ISO 9001, NDS has adopted digital business ever since it was founded. NDS’s business management system is invested by the company and is regularly upgraded systematically. This system is applied synchronously from recruitment, human resource management, contract management, security guard salary management to regularly update daily work at protection targets in the whole NDS system nationwide.

To improve the digital management system operation, NDS regularly organizes training programs for staff members and security guards. On that basis, NDS’s Board can track each activity of the operating process in the whole system, through updating information and getting daily reports. Since then, indirect management positions have been minimized, and board members can promptly give appropriate instructions to each specific event in the whole NDS system.

Through quality security services and job management, NDS has made significant growth and enables fewer costs than without the business management system. As a result, there have been changes in personnel management structure and security services monitoring, creating conditions for the whole system to exchange experiences and learn from cooperation and timely support between members, teams, offices, and branches during business operations. With the application of this science and technology, NDS is highly regarded as a reputable professional security services company chosen by domestic enterprises and multinational corporations as security and safety partners.

An example of the Admin Account Interface
An example of the Admin Account Interface

Applying technology 4.0 in business management not only helps businesses develop comprehensively but with this flexibility, Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD saves operation costs, and that led to an increase in employees’ salaries. 

It can be said that modern science and technology revolution has affected all areas of social life. For NDS, this is the key to success, helping NDS to develop further. “More deeply is to change the mindset of professional values ​​and the sense of working in a professional security force that has been overlooked,” said Mr. Luu Xuan Tue, Chairman of the Board of Members.


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