Night & Day Security Protects International Football Festival 2022

Within the framework of the “Vietnam – Japan U13 International Youth Football Championship” held annually, the Football Festival 2022 at the Hikari food and shopping area took place with the participation of many people.

Accompanying the Organizing Committee, Night and Day security force completed the assigned tasks at the security site.

Night & Day Security Protect Football Festival Football Festival 2022
Night & Day Security Protects Football Festival Football Festival 2022
Stage security guards
Night & Day Security Protects the stage area

Night and Day security ensures order for the stage, including energetic musical performances by students studying at Binh Duong schools in combination with the attendance of a Japanese-style idol group, providing attendees with an evening of vibrant color, sportsmanship and full of energy.

Multinational food stall

Security patrols in the area at the multinational food court, including Vietnamese – Japanese – Korean – Chinese food and beverage stalls, etc., ensuring the safety of the guests’ property, ensuring the 5K regulation in the fight against Covid-19 to protect the health of the community.

Multinational food stall
Multinational food stall

Security guards patrol the area around the event

In addition to food stalls and cultural performances, the Organizing Committee also prepared attractive movement games for children to show off their ingenuity and toughness to receive lovely gifts.

Parking lot security guard guides festival attendees to put the car in the right position, does not cause traffic jams around the event area, and ensures the car park is neat, and convenient for the organizers and guests.

Security guards patrol the area around the event
Security guards patrol the area around the event

Night and Day Security is honored to have contributed to a complete safety. Specializing in providing professional event security services, with more than 6000 well-trained security guards, Night and Day security is always ready to accompany customers to protect events nationwide.

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