NDS Vigilantly and Seriously Implements Measures to Prevent and Control the spread of COVID-19

As of August 15, 2020, the disease news update, Vietnam had 461 more COVID-19 cases related to Da Nang, bringing the total number of cases to 930.

Patients from various ages were in Cardiology, Intensive Anti-Poison Recovery, Tropical Medicine, Endocrinology-Endocrinology Departments, and medical staff members at different Danang Hospitals take up a large number of cases in Vietnam.

Total number of Covid-19 cases in Vietnam as of August 15, 2020
Total number of Covid-19 cases in Vietnam as of August 15, 2020

Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Da Nang City, Night & Day Security Services Company Ltd. strictly control the epidemic to prevent it from spreading in the community by implementing many epidemic preventive measures as follows:

1. The Board of Directors continuously implements many synchronous measures, update documents, and provide professional guidance on supervision to strictly control all access to the security sites that currently NDS provides professional security guards service at.

2. Always on high alert, equipped with epidemic prevention tools at the office and at all security sites such as temperature measuring device, antiseptic water, alcohol spray, and face mask among others to ensure safety for customers and security sites.

3. Avoid being subjective and neglect in the prevention of the epidemic COVID-19. NDS actively promotes the Covid-19 prevention guidelines for each employee to properly and fully comply with regulations on epidemic prevention.

4. In addition, the NDS security guards are also trained in new operations to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic such as tight control, recording strangers in and out of security sites, keeping a safe distance, and comply with temperature measurement and antiseptic, etc. The training plans are always researched and updated by the Professional Training Department.


Covid-19 Prevention Measures at NDS Security Sites
Covid-19 Preventive Measures at Night & Day Security Sites

“The prevention of nCoV acute pneumonia is always put to a ready state at NDS to protect ourselves and our customers. Our great responsibility is a small contribution to the community’s responsibility in preventing the spread of disease,” NDS General Director Mr. Ngo Chi Hieu said. 

Written by: Tuyền Vương 

Translated by: Khanh Lưu 

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