Gifts sent to security guards with difficult circumstances in the pandemic season

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam has seriously affected the life and economy of businesses and employees. With the nature of the job, each security guard is like a warrior on the front line against the pandemic, therefore, there are many cases of employees who working “3 on the spot”, employees of F0, as well as employees who temporarily stop working due to the company’s temporary shutdown. Realizing the difficulties employees face when social distancing is too long, the Board of Directors of Night & Day Night Security Company has provided necessary food and inquiries about employee life situations.

Night and Day Security Guards receive support gifts

Night & Day Security Guards receive support gifts

The Board of Directors of the Company regularly captures the status of employees throughout the system: employee life at home/at the target, which target is having difficulty in providing food for employees to perform “3 on the spot”, which employees are having to take a break due to the target being isolated, which employees are in F0, F1 cases,…. All are clearly updated by the Operations Department and Human Resources Department of the company, ensure timely support if any situation occurs.

In the first month of social distancing – June 2021, Night & Day Security provided food support for most of the company’s employees in difficulty. Although the value of the gift is not much, it is supported so that employees can rest assured to work, ensure living in the situation of buying food is not easy. This first phase of support budget is more than a hundred million dongs, but for Night & Day Security, this is a responsibility to employees, to society, join hands with the State to contribute to stabilizing employees’ lives.

Support foods for employees at the target

Support foods for employees at the target

In addition, in August 2021 – The company’s union also received support from the Labor Confederation and the District Youth Union of Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City with gifts of vegetables, fruits, and necessities. These gifts are prioritized to be distributed to difficult cases such as: F0 is in isolation, staff working on-site/accommodating at the target, staff at the team house in the blocked area cannot go to work, … 

Support gifts from Union and District Youth Union for Night and Day Security guards

Support gifts from Union and District Youth Union for Night & Day Security guards

The Board of Directors of the company always emphasizes the importance of employees, appreciates grasping the needs, thoughts, and aspirations to help employees stabilize their lives. Not only that, the material support must be parallel with the spiritual support, the words of encouragement to inquire about the life situation of the employees have been implemented by the Human Resources Department at the same time. Hopefully, with the attention and encouragement from the company, the employees will feel secure in their work and overcome this Covid-19 pandemic with the company!

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