Fostering self-defense skills for security guards at the target

In recent years, aggressive subjects appear more recklessly, with dangerous and unforeseen tricks. It is extremely necessary to practice self-defense skills to protect yourself as well as to prevent criminals.

Improve self-defense skills – Respond to dangerous situations

For a professional security guard, security and safety are always top priorities not only for the target but also for the guard himself. In addition to being equipped with support tools, NDS guards are also trained and fostered with self-defense skills to deal with dangerous situations.

NDS Security Guards receiving regular trainings
NDS Security Guards receiving regular trainings

In October 2020, the Division of Operations at Night & Day Security Co., LTD has developed a specific plan to organize on-the-job training with the content “Fostering self-defense skills for security guards”. At the training session, staff members learn how to dodge and counter-attack, and control when the subject is using weapons and dangerous electrical equipment. Each security guard needs to regularly practice defense and self-defense skills to have a way to respond and resist not only with actions but also with communication skills, minimizing possible injury. 

Staff members were trained with defense skills, such as but not limited to:

* Attacked from behind.
* Being attacked from the front.
* Tied up.
* Bad guys have knives or weapons.


NDS guards practicing how to resist different threat poses when in danger
NDS guards practicing how to resist different threat poses when in danger

Under the support of the shift leader, the team leader, and the Division of Operations at Night & Day Security Co., LTD, each staff member was able to practice and understand the skills and rules needed to handle the situation. This is considered one of the development directions that the Board of Directors of the company set out to improve the quality of guards.

Security guards are the core factor for development!

From the early days of its establishment, NDS has determined that “Service quality is the quality of the security guards”, so it always focuses on training guards with multiple skills such as fire prevention, first aid, emergency handling skills, communication skills at the target, etc. When NDS first trained its staff, guards were trained like in a military environment, their health must be ensured, skills must be solid, and the behavior must be professional.

Below are the rare and valuable documents recorded in 2003 by NDS, showing that the company’s martial arts training, self-defense skill training are professional from the beginning.

NDS Guards in 2003
NDS Guards in 2003


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