Night & Day Security Fire Protection Rehearsal at Gold Coast Mall

On the morning of 26/09/2023, the Steering Committee of Fire Prevention and Rescue (Fire Protection and Rescue) of the province organize a drill on the fire fighting and rescue plan to coordinate many forces, vehicles, staff and security guards Night & Day at Gold Coast Shopping Mall, 01 Tran Hung Dao, Loc Tho, Nha Trang.

Fire Protection

Hypothetical scenario rehearsal: A fire incident occurred in the tunnel of the Gold Coast mall. The reason was carelessness in the process of using fire and gasoline leakage causing fire, the fire quickly spread to other vehicles in the car tunnel in another area, the incident occurred, causing customers, employees who were shopping and working at the shopping mall to panic and run away.

Fire Protection

When a fire was detected, security guards activated the alarm system and began deploying response teams at the scene. At the same time, notify the building management and contact the fire marshal (Fire Protection) number 114 to request assistance. At the fire zone, drills were carried out in accordance with established procedures such as rescue and fire control, and isolation and isolation measures were taken to extinguish the fire.

Fire Protection

The drill was successfully held, helping to improve the fire handling and rescue skills of on-site forces, ensuring the safety of life and property at the facility, as well as enhancing knowledge of fire prevention and fighting (firefighting) for officials and employees in the factory. At the same time, it also has the goal of physical inspection of available equipment and vehicles, thereby identifying and overcoming weaknesses and limitations in fire protection.

Fire Protection

Night & Day Security is a professional security service provider for Gold Coast Mall and is the organisation responsible for organising this fire drill. During the exercise, Night & Day Security assumed the role of protecting regional security and assisting in the coordination of forces participating in the exercise. They also assist in coordinating staff and customers to ensure the drill goes smoothly and adheres to the programmed script.

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