Fire Drill Rehearsal at Pepsico Suntory Vietnam Factory

On September 15, 2020, Pepsico Suntory Vietnam Co., Ltd. cooperated with the District 12 Fire Police and Night & Day Security force at the site to organize a firefighting and rescue exercise. This is a regular activity organized by Pepsico Suntory Vietnam to improve responsibility, and use fluently and effectively fire fighting tools and means on the spot.

NDS guards participating in the fire drill
NDS guards participating in the fire drill rehearsal at Pepsico

According to the hypothetical situation: When there is a fire in the production area, there are numerous plastic packages, carton paper, and plastic bottles that are easily combustible. At the time of the fire, there were many employees and workers working, they then panicked and tried to escape when the fire alarm went off. The on-site firefighting force (the factory’s firefighting team, the professional security force of Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD) deployed fire control measures. However, because of the high smoke and the production area contained many flammable materials, the fire quickly spread and some were injured and trapped inside the factory.

Deploying security forces to protect the factory when an incident occur
Deploying security forces to protect the factory when an incident occurs

In the emergency situation, the Night & Day Security Force immediately called the fire switchboard at 114 and the District 12 Fire Police quickly dispatched fire trucks and dozens of officers and soldiers to the scene. They divided themselves into many forces of fire suppression to search and bring victims to the emergency room.

To ensure human safety and minimize property loss, Night & Day Security force coordinates with the District Police and military units, the red cross, the electricity department to respond and ensure security, traffic order, flow, and first aid for victims. After a few minutes of deployment and synchronous coordination between the fire units, the fire was completely extinguished. After the rehearsal, the units also conducted a preliminary meeting to evaluate fire protection activities.

Fire drill rehearsal at the site
Fire drill rehearsal at the site

For many years, Night & Day Security has been a professional security service provider for the factory, and highly appreciated by the company’s quality of security services. Fire prevention drills are regularly rehearsed to ensure safety for the operation and production process of the business. This is also an activity to help people raise awareness about fire prevention, skills, and the ability to protect themselves, ready to handle any new fire and explosion situations.

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