Deploying security services for My Quynh Safari Long An tourist area

On 01/04/2023, Night and Day security is proud to be a professional security service provider for My Quynh Safari Zoo, Long An. 

Located far from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC about 40km to the Northwest, My Quynh Safari or My Q Safari is the first large-scale zoo in the Southwest region, located in Tan My commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An. The zoo has an area of more than 50ha including attractive play areas such as zoo and semi-wild, Bonsai and Koi fish gardens, indoor and outdoor play areas, water parks, resorts and convention restaurants. 

With a large scale and diversity of types of entertainment, My Quynh Safari Zoo needs a professional security unit, experienced and capable enough to handle arising problems. Among hundreds of thousands of security units in the market, Night and Day security Company has been chosen as a reliable security partner. 

In addition to the task of ensuring security and order in the area, Night and Day security are well-trained in culture, behavior, communication skills and working in entertainment and entertainment environments such as:

  • Guide visitors to visit
  • Guide and help stray people & children
  • Reasonable coordination of means of access and exit
  • Experience handling crowds
  • Skills to observe, identify & prevent objects of theft, pickpocketing, property destruction, ..  
  • Handling incidents arising within the region

Choosing a professional zoo protection service unit will minimize the risks of safety and order at the zoo. Night and Day security has established a specialized protection plan for the segment of protecting tourist areas, protecting amusement parks: 

  • Protection of Zoo property 
  • Maintain and ensure security and order at My Quynh Safari Zoo 
  • Applying service quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015
  • Reasonable control of people & vehicles 
  • Handle incidents well: Fire, disorder, theft, loss of property, … 
  • Implement security plans from the zoo management board and from the Day & Night Protection Company Operations Department. 
  • In particular, building the image of “Beautiful & friendly bodyguard” in the eyes of customers, visitors and entertainment.
Bảo vệ vườn thú Mỹ Quỳnh Safari
Protection of My Quynh Safari Zoo

With a professional, scientific protection plan and a team of high-quality security guards, we are committed to providing customers with good and reputable security services.

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