Deploying professional security services for Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park

On October 27, 2020, Night & Day Security, Long An Branch deployed security service to Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park at Ben Luc, Long An Province.

Night & Day Security Force at the target of Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, Long An.
Night & Day Security Force at the target of Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, Long An.

An industrial park with many companies and factories is a place that produces a large number of goods as well as creates jobs for thousands of households. Because of that crowded concentration, the security and order situation in industrial zones is often quite complicated, requiring a team of professional industrial park security guards.

With long-term experience in the field of factory protection in industrial zones, Night & Day Security always has optimal protection options based on the characteristics of the model such as Vehicle Coordination Reasonable entry and exit (Mostly container trucks, trucks), import and export goods, stabilize the order in the working hours after shift, shift and overtime, arrange appropriate personnel, stop at positions important position, preventing risks such as occupational accidents, and fire and explosion prevention, among others.

Night & Day Security Force at of Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, Long An
Night & Day Security Force at of Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, Long An

Before deployment, Night & Day Security Company organized many training sessions to ensure that all security guards fully grasp the profession with 5 basic contents as follows: Behavior – Order, Skill Fire prevention skills, First aid skills, How to handle emergency situations, and How to prevent criminals disturbing order. In addition, a professional security guards team from NDS is also equipped with separate support tools to ensure security and safety during the mission.


Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park Located at Km 1929 – 1930 Highway 1, Voi La hamlet, Long Hiep Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, bordering Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. The front is directly connected to National Highway 1A. The backside is adjacent to the HCMC – Can Tho highway, near Bourbon port (with a capacity of 5,000 tons), is planned with a total area of ​​561.5 hectares. It can be said that Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park is the focal point on the investment map of industrial zones in the Southwestern provinces of Vietnam.

Up to now, Night & Day Security Company has provided professional security services for many large industrial parks such as Long Hau Industrial Park, Song Than 2 Industrial Park, VSIP1 & 2 Industrial Parks (Binh Duong), Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Long Thanh Industrial Park, Tan Tao Industrial Park, Bien Hoa Industrial Park, Hai Son Industrial Park (Long An),…and now a security partner of Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, once again affirming the role and position of in providing professional security services in Vietnam.

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