Construction Site Security Guard Service Company

Construction sites always have many potential problems and unpredictable dangers in terms of security order, and property safety. For continuous, stable and timely operation, the construction site must be strictly protected and well controlled. Therefore, the investor needs to use a reputable construction site security guard service provided by a professional security service company.

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Construction Site Security Guard Service of Night and Day Security Company

On December 20th, 2022, Night & Day Security was selected as a construction site security service provider for RIVANA Apartment Project, Binh Duong Boulevard, Thuan An, Binh Duong.

RIVANA is a project under the management of Dat Phuoc Investment Joint Stock Company, with a total area of ​​about 1.2 hectares of floor space. RIVANA is in the final stages of construction of the rough part – This is an extremely important period when strict security and asset protection issues will contribute to ensuring the project is delivered on schedule. The number of workers and contractors entering the project is up to 1000 people, so the control of people and vehicles must be very tight and strict.

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Potential hazards at construction sites

The construction site is a place where many valuable machines, equipment and materials are concentrated. Every day, thousands of people and hundreds of vehicles enter and leave the construction site. Therefore, construction sites often have security risks such as:

  • Insecurity order
  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Contractor disobeys construction regulations
  • Strangers infiltrate and steal property
  • Workers steal and disperse assets outside
  • Warehouse keepers collude with workers/ suppliers in importing and exporting materials…
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Benefits of using the construction site security guard service of Night & Day Security Company

  • In order to operate continuously, stably and on schedule, the construction site must be strictly protected, maintained with good safety control by a professional security service provider such as Night & Day Security.
  • Ensure the security and order of the whole construction site and surrounding area
  • Ensure that contractors’ workers are in the right area
  • Monitor everyone to comply with the labor protection equipment, perform work safety & fire prevention.
  • Supervision of construction safety throughout the construction site
  • Check if the composition of personnel entering the construction site is eligible
  • Check the flow of vehicles carrying supplies and materials into/out the construction site
  • Checking contractor’s tools, tools and construction machinery

Night & Day Security Company specializes in providing customers with many services, including extremely effective construction site security services, implementing many large and small projects such as: Asiana, Posco Vung An (Ha Tinh), Tra Vinh Thermal Power Plant, Eastmart City Works, Phuoc Thanh Works, Airliquide Works, ….

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of security, we are proud to provide a force of professional security guards to ensure that the requirements of customers are fulfilled in many different environments.

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