Brand Interaction between VNVC and Night & Day Security

With nearly 20 years of experience, nearly 30 branches and representative offices, and over 6,000 officers and employees, Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD is always ready to meet all the needs of customers in all provinces of the country for professional security services.

Wherever it is, NDS security guards uniformly offer a strong and friendly image that also contributed to the customers’ professional image, which is an added value for any brand that chooses Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD as a partner. 

Vietnam Vaccine Joint Stock Company (VNVC), a system of more than 20 immunization centers nationwide serving millions of customers using vaccination services in the whole system, has chosen Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD. 

VNVC vaccination system always brings convenience, comfort, and peace of mind to customers. Here, customers are checked by doctors and seek advice for appropriate injections for each age. VNVC has a team of nurses specially trained in vaccination. The clinics are full of high-standard medical equipment, spacious, airy, colorful, and attractive waiting room for pre-injection and post-injection, creating child-friendliness. In addition, the mother and baby also have a separate area for breastfeeding, diaper changing room, pantry room to make the baby feel at home.

Respecting people, understanding the value and brand image after a careful selection, VNVC has decided to choose a professional security service, specifically NDS as its partner. Not only for regional safety and security, but VNVC aims to have higher brand values. At any position at the vaccination center of VNVC, customers always greeted by the friendly smiles and considerate actions of the “nice and friendly” NDS security guards. 

One of the main reasons why customers prioritize NDS is the Public Liability Insurance for 3rd Party (Assets: 17 billion VND/case; people: 5 billion VND/case) occupational legal liability insurance for 22 billion VND/case (equivalent to 1 million USD) to immediately remedy if there are incidents of property and human safety. At NDS, the quality control system, including investment in technology equipment, smart security equipment, fast response team, target control team, are regularly maintained.
Society constantly changes with human values, requiring quality standards for service industries. NDS always improves service quality towards the highest values for a brand. Therefore, Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD is increasingly attracting businesses that aim to standardize core values for sustainable development. 

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