Advanced Security Guard Training at Night & Day Security Company

As part of the strategy of “Regular security training“, Night & Day Security Company regularly organizes professional training courses for security guards in various forms, ensure quality service and brand reputation.

On December 17th , 2022, at the Main Office – No. 7 Street 7, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Operation Department of Night & Day Security Company organized advanced security guard training for nearly 20 mobile security guards, including the following main contents:

1. Re-training of security services at the target

2. Incident & risk management during target protection

3. Bookkeeping skills – Making an incident record

The training session is compiled based on the actual situation at the target, integrates practice right after the theory part, and ends with an assessment test. After the training course, all nearly 20 mobile security guards successfully completed the practical test and confidently continued to complete their assigned tasks.

Mr. Luu Xuan Tue – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the Company is the one who initiated the training program, which has been implemented continuously and effectively for many years. The Chairman shared and spread the fire at the beginning of the training course, emphasizing the importance of each security guard at the company. The quality of security guards is a key factor determining the quality of security services at the target, and it is each employee here that has created the success of the “Night & Day” brand today.

There was also Mr. Nguyen Van Thao – Captain of the BD01 Professional Security Team, currently managing many big and important targets in Binh Duong area. With more than 12 years of experience, Mr Thao has shared many lessons and his own striving process, through many working positions, every task is completed, every difficulty is overcome, thereby encouraging and affirming that at Night & Day Security Company, each security guard is given maximum conditions by the Company to develop himself with a clear promotion roadmap.

The quality of training makes the difference. Having good quality resources along with a strategy of focusing on human resource development, Night & Day Security is ready to solve any problems about the quality of security services as expected by many customers.

By this action, Night & Day Security always affirms its brand reputation to stand firmly in the market, in which, there are big customers such as: VNVC, Nam A Bank, Mercedes Benz factory, Pepsico, Toyota, EVN, Uniben, Netslé, Gemadept, Cadivi, OSV, Jabil, Ajinomoto, …


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