Night & Day Security coordinates police forces to conduct fire drills in Cadivi Dong Nai

This morning, October 23, 2023, Cadivi factory, in collaboration with the Night & Day Security Force at the target and Dong Nai Fire and Rescue Police, held a theoretical lesson and fire drills at Cadivi Mien Dong factory Facility 1, Long Binh Tan, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.

fire drills

1. Fire Protection Theory Training

Safety during production and business at factories is a top priority for business owners. To ensure fire safety, the application of fire protection measures, as well as the knowledge of fire protection of employees at the factory cannot be underestimated.

fire drills

The course begins with a general introduction to the fire protection situation and basic theory. The lecturer imparted knowledge in an easy-to-understand way about the operating principles of fire protection equipment, how to recognize fire and explosion risks, and the handling process when there is an incident.

2. Deploying fire drills at Cadivi targets

After training in fire protection theory, the fire drills allowed employees and all security forces at the factory to practice how to use vehicles (powder cylinders, CO2 cylinders) to extinguish the fire. The training session creates an environment for fire protection forces at the target to practice and be proactive in fire protection when incidents occur at the target. 

fire drills

It is also an annual activity of Day & Night Protection at the company’s protection targets. The training courses help security forces understand the law and knowledge of fire protection, determine the responsibilities and duties of each security guard in their work, limit damage to people and property when there is an incident at protected locations.

fire drills

The fire drills was conducted professionally and followed all prepared procedures. The arrangement and use of fire protection facilities, as well as the observance of procedures, are carried out competently and in a timely manner in order to control the fire situation quickly, based on the actual situation. The Board of Directors of Cadivi factory highly appreciated the professionalism as well as the sense of responsibility of all employees participating in this fire protection exercise.

fire drills

Night & Day Security has conducted many fire protection drills at targets, which customers always put their trust in the professional Night & Day Security force, always upholding vigilance, proactively warning security, fire safety at the target.

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