(Pursuant to Decree 52/2013 / ND-CP)

1. Purpose and scope of collecting information:

Customer information is collected through the Client’s contract, email, telephone, or direct declaration when coming to the Company’s office to sign a contract. This is the information that NIGHT & DAY SECURITY SERVICES CO. LTD recommends to the Client to ensure the interests of Clients and is the basis for the Company to take care of the Client better.


2. Scope of using information:

Night & Day Security Services Co.  LTD uses the information provided by the Customer to:

– Provide services to Customers

– Sending notices about activities between the Client and the Company.

– Contacting and dealing with customers in special cases.

– Do not use the Client’s information other than the purpose of confirming and relating to purchase and sale transactions with the Company.

– In case there is a request from the Law: Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD is responsible for cooperating with the provision of Client information upon request from the Judiciary, including Procuracy, Court, Mechanical Quan Cong An. In addition, no one has the right to compromise the Customer’s information.


3. Information storing time 

Customer Information will be stored at Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD until the Customer’s request for cancellation. Remaining in all cases Customer information will be kept confidential in the 01 Customer information management program of Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD.


4. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:

Night & Day Security Services Co.  LTD

No. 7 Street 7, Quarter 5, An Phu Ward, Dictrict 2, Ho Chi Minh City



5. Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data:

If the Client has a change of information and needs to be adjusted, updated, the Client can provide new information to Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD via phone and email to request the Company accordingly. 

The Client has the right to submit complaints about the disclosure of Customer information to a third party to the Company’s Management via email: The Company will receive these responses, will confirm the information, and will be responsible for responding to the reason with the Client.


6. Commitment to the confidentiality of Customer information:

The Company’s Client Information will be committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with the information protection policy of the Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD. Collection and use of information of each Customer can only be performed with the consent of the Customer unless otherwise provided by Law.

– Do not use, transfer, provide, or disclose to any third party about Customer information without the consent of the Customer.

– In case the information storage machine is attacked by hackers or viruses resulting in loss of Customer data, Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD will be responsible for processing & informing the Customer.

– Absolutely confidentiality of all Customers’ transaction information with Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD

Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD requires that Customers when contacting to purchase at the Company, must provide all relevant personal information such as full name, contact address, email, phone, account number,….and are responsible for the Legality of the above information Night & Day Security Services Co. LTD will not be responsible and will not resolve all claims related to the interests of the Customer if it deems all information provided by the Customer upon purchase is inaccurate.


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