Operational Criteria

Established on 12 Aug., 2003, today we have got 15 branches and offices at three regions: North, Central, South and more 5000 security guards that are providing high quality security services for over 1000 clients. Night & Day Security Service Company always guarantees the highest security, safety of assets and people for our clients. Our criteria include:

1. Security Plan:

Security Department of Night & Day Security Company is responsible to build a scientific and optimal security plan at clients’ requirements and actual security at the target in order to ensure the security and the highest effectiveness for clients.

2. Security Guard Working Time:

Night & day security guards work in continuous shifts at security sites in accordance with the security plan on the basis of 24hours per day, all weekdays (include Sunday, State holidays and Public holidays without extra charges for these cases).

3. Security guards:

Night & day security guards are selected according to a required standard and a strict recruitment process. Majority of guards worked in the police, army, having professional knowledge and deep experience in security. Security guards are trained to improve professional security skills close to security sites (security targets), have ability to work in team and alone, good character of ethics, strict discipline.

4. Mobile force team and quality control team:

Night & Day Security Company always has “mobile force team” to be ready in emergency cases and “quality control team” to always supervise security sites periodically and suddenly in order to evaluate quality of security service and find mistakes of guards so as to correct them in time.

5. Customer Care Department:

The specialized Department of NDS is responsible to regularly take care of clients, to meet, to listen to, to approach clients’ opinions to evaluate the service quality, to improve and correct unsuitable matters in the contract performance in order to satisfy the requirements of clients.

6. Security guards’ uniforms and support tools:

Night & day security guards in featuring green uniform, beautiful and simple but strong shall add a beauty to Factory, Company, Enterprise, Bank, Construction site of clients. In addition, they are equipped with support tools in accordance with the stipulation of Ministry of Police in order to ensure a smooth settlement of any cases.

7. Compensation liability:

Night & Day Security Services Company (insurance company) is liable to pay a compensation for all material damage or loss for clients due to mistakes of Night & day security guards.