Cultural Identity

Business culture was built on the basic issues, such as: business operation theory; business ethics; goods and services systems to provide the market; mode of business’s operation structure; mode of business’s communication with society,etc.
Each nation, each country wants to be everlasting and developing, it must be strong culture, not exception business culture. Culture must be seemed as the important target of business. Therefore, building business culture is urgent, necessary and the first thing that the business need to concern.
Nearly ten years of establishing and developing, the image of Night & day guards created the good mark for clients, was also the pride of more than two thousands of Night & day guards over the country. Night & day cultural identity is such “as a family” with the spirit of unity, solidarity, sincerity, closeness, liability, quality service, etc. This value was built, deepened and developed by the leader and staffs from North to South with the safe minute along with “Beautiful and Friendly” green costumes.
Nowadays, Night & Day Security Co,.Ltd has grown into the company with more than tens of branches, brands, was spread from Ha noi to the other cities, such as: Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, HCMC, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Long An, Vinh Long, Can Tho with the total over two thousands of staffs. Each individual has his or her own difference culture, therefore conserving and developing Night & day cultural identity is rather difficult and is attached special importance in the company’s everlasting development strategy by the company’s leaders.
One of the solution of building business culture strategy is “Night & day behavioural rules and culture”, such as: working and communicating style; staffs relationship; communication with leader and subaltern; colleague and relationship between business partner and local authority and media. Then all staffs can be aware of their position and have the good behaviour, comply the law and the company’s regulations.
With the guideline “To take the service quality to be motivation of the company’s development” is seemed to be the lodestar of all tasks. According to General director Ngo Chi Hieu, “service quality is exactly the guard quality”, out of the other element, Night & day guards must have enough these standards “HUMANITY- GRATITUDE-INTELLIGENCE-TRUST- ENCOURAGE” therefore, the slogan “practicing morality and ability is well-matched with the guards” is practiced scientifically, used creatively in enforcing the tasks by all Night & day staffs.
It is said that the core value of Night & day guards includes:
– QUALITY is always the essential demand of Night & day guards, the image of Night & day guards absolutely does not become worse due to the bad service quality.
– Always put “TRUST” to be the top of collaborative process, clients serving; not lie or break promises to partners or clients.
– Each unit exists and develops basically on EFFECTIVE and long-term benefits.
– All staffs always maintain the PROFESSIONAL working style; high liability; always being on time, having positive plan, speed and highly accurate.
– Absolutely trust in the power of a group, UNITY will help the company to develop, overcome all challenges and difficulties.