Successfully defended the event held at Vinh Long Stadium

On September 17, 2023, at Vinh Long Stadium, Night and Day Security has ensured security and safety for the successful Family Day 2023 event.

Large public events held that attract hundreds of participants are conditions for bad actors to commit crimes such as pickpocketing, robbery, etc.  In order to suppress criminal acts and ensure security and safety for the event, not to allow cases of jostling, pushing, Night and Day Security in Vinh Long has planned a comprehensive protection plan, anticipating incidents and incidents occurring during the event, thereby having clear backup solutions. This is also a factor that many customers trust and choose to use Night and Day event protection services in Vinh Long.

With experience in providing security for more than 100 events, large and small programs spread across the country, well-trained security forces, always ready to meet all needs in the shortest time, Night and Day Security in Vinh Long is committed to providing customers with a professional and reliable event protection service experience. We are committed to ensuring every program goes well, fully, bringing maximum satisfaction.

Here are some Protect Night & Day photos at the event:


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