Strategic Guards Training to Improve Service Quality

Maintaining service quality is the number one priority for Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD to protect its brand reputation from the establishment of a series of security guard companies in the chaotic security industry. 

With more security service companies coming into the market, service price is one of the factors for businesses to gain market share and unfair competition, which leads to a chaotic security market. Security services companies aim to win customers will offer low service prices going hand in hand with low service quality, which is causing many unforeseen consequences when the customer chooses such service providers.

On-site training brings efficiency to operations
On-site training brings efficiency to operations

In the increasingly complex context of the above security market, Night & Day Security Services Co., LTD is now applying “Policies for training, using and developing human resources to ensure the quality of security services” with the participation of all staff members. Accordingly, the NDS’s regular training and retraining programs are strengthened by the professional quality check teams. NDS reviews the human resources and service quality through the professional activities of the staff at the security site to find the limitations to overcome them. This is one of the main reasons why NDS fulfills important targets in the strategy of maintaining brand reputation, promoting market development, and building companies to grow stronger day by day. Therefore, the quality of NDS’s manpower training is completely qualified to meet the needs of many customers, including large customers such as Uniben, Toyota, Netslé, Vietcombank, Mercedes Benz, Gemadept, Cadivi, OSV, Jabil, Ajinomoto,…

On-site training brings remarkable efficiency in performing the duties of security guards
On-site training brings remarkable efficiency in performing the duties of security guards


If the past, in order to overcome the situation, security guards were trained but not proficient to meet the increasingly demanding work requirements, then NDS has set up a strategy called on-site “Retraining”, which aims to immediately improve the security guard’s restrictions in the workplace. 

By this action, NDS always affirms the brand’s reputation to stand firmly in the market and gain a certain advantage in providing professional security services to domestic and international customers.

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