Night & Day security in response to “Blood Donation Day 2023” – At Tan Binh House of Labor Culture

Responding to the “Blood Donation Day 2023” movement organized by the Tan Binh District Labor Federation together with the Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Steering Committee. HCMC launched, on the morning of 09/07/2023, Trade Union members of Night & Day security Company gathered at Tan Binh labor culture house very early to register and carry out procedures to participate in blood donation.

Blood Donation Day

Blood Donation Day is a meaningful event, aiming to save lives and take care of public health. Every drop of blood donated not only contributes to saving the life of a sick person in a critical moment but also shows a spirit of solidarity and solidarity between people in the community. For many years, grassroots trade unionists and employees of Night & Day security Company have enthusiastically participated in this day, creating an atmosphere of solidarity and love.

Blood Donation Day

Through that, it can be clearly seen that the humanitarian blood donation movement is becoming more and more a meaningful and beautiful activity, expressing the greatness of compassion, an expression of conscience and love between people, honored by society. The voluntary blood donated will bring life to those in need, bringing faith and hope to human life.

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