High quality human resources policy at Night & Day Security Company

In the face of many security companies being establised, security service industry becomes chaotic, Night & Day Security determines that maitaining service quality is a priority to protect brand reputation.  

The “regular training” strategy and the “endogenous” human resource development strategy is being effectively implementted by Night & Day Security Company.

Night & Day Security Guards at Intan Building (Phu Nhuan District)

Night & Day Security successfully applied “Policy of training, employing and developing human resources to ensure the quality of security services” with the participation of all the staff, divided by area. This is the basis for the company to review human resources and service quality through the professional activities of employees at the target to find out the limitations and immediately overcome those limitations. This is also one of the main reasons for the company’s success in its strategy of maintaining its brand reputation, promoting market development, and building a growing company. Therefore, for a long time, the quality of human resource training of Night & Day Security Company is fully qualified to meet the demands of many customers, including large customers with strict requirements on the quality of security services such as: Uniben, Toyota, Netslé, Vietcombank, Meccerdes Benz…

To meet the increasing demands of customers, Night & Day Security Company has set up a strategy of “Retraining” to immediately improve the limitations of security forces in the workplace.

Night & Day Security Guards at VNVC Tan Binh (Tan Binh District)

Mr Luu Xuan Tue, Chairman of the Member’s Council cum General Director- who initiated the training program, said: “Among the staff at Night &Day Security Company, 100% of office staff and leaders graduated from colleges and universities, 1/3 of these employees used to work in the police force. All human resources of NDS are trained according to the procedures of the Administration for Social Order Administration (Ministry of Public Security). Accordingly, the guards of NDS are apprenticed right after being recruited, practiced under the guidance of the Captain, supervised by the Quality Supervision Department seriously, and then take the exam for certification of security profession and continue training at the company during the entire working process as prescribed.

Night & Day Security Guards at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Having good quality human resources along with human resource development strategy, Night and Day Security Company is ready to solve all quality problems of security service as expected by many customers. The timely and reasonable strategy has created value for the NDS, which is “quality people”. Because the employees of Night & Day Security is the one who affirms the service quality of Night & Day Security Services.